celebrities who left us too soon
7 Celebrities Who Left Us Too Soon

Who are the celebrities who left us too soon? Saying goodbye forever to our loved ones is not easy, even when it comes to icons and celebrities. So, of course, it isheartbreaking when one of your favourite celebrities left us too

most followed k-pop artists
9 Most Followed K-pop Artists on Instagram

K-pop artists are taking over social media in a big way. Social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram are among the best ways to break through the global arena. When it comes to talent, Koreans are known for their versatility, and singing is

conspiracy theory
Top 6 Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

Do you know what a conspiracy is? It is an explanation or a situation that is called a conspiracy by sinister and influential groups. In short, it is a plan by someone or a group of people to do something

Pop Artistes to Watch
Best Pop Artistes to Watch in 2021

Who are the hottest pop artistes right now? Every era of music has its charm. Pop artistes often follow the trick of simple rhythm in their music, catchy lyrics and a beat-up tone, producing some of the most popular hit

iconic music videos
Iconic Music Videos of All Time

What’s the most iconic music videos for you? The origin of music videos was first appeared in the 1920s. They again came into prominence in the 1980s when the channel MTV (Music Television) used to be the lifeblood of iconic

4 Most Iconic Pop Culture Moments
4 Most Iconic Pop Culture Moments

The term “popular culture” or “pop culture” is a culture based on the taste of ordinary people. It can be art, music, sports or movies, etc. But the thing to understand is that humans make all cultures, but pop culture

Embarrassing Celebrity Fails
Worst 4 Types of Embarrassing Celebrity Fails

What’s the worst celebrity fails in history? Almost everyone in this world is somehow a fan of any celebrity. These celebrities can be from the sports industry, film industry, or any other industry. Most people think that celebrities are their